Work on Paper

The Cocoon Series 2016-17:

This page showcases my recent, small works on paper. Sizes range from 8×10 to 14×18.

Oil paint, cold wax medium, drawing media. $90 – $120 each; please contact for availability.

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Statement about this work:

This series of paintings explores the idea of cocoon-like forms as a symbol for waiting and transformation in the human psyche, as well as in the realm of earth cycles. The term ‘waiting’ often has negative connotations in western culture, but viewed creatively it can be a time of renewal and even revolution. In my process, I apply the idea of waiting as I build the deeply layered surfaces over long periods of time, allowing the images to transform and emerge slowly. The idea of surfaces forming in their own time, much like a caterpillar spinning a cocoon, is very compelling to me since I also must learn this art of active waiting.  Like the caterpillar, all things must surrender for transformation to occur, and the energy of that great potential is what I hope to convey through my work.



















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