Large Work on Wood Panel

Oil paint and mediums, Dorlan’s cold wax medium, resin, sand, earth, and chalk on wood panel.

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This work is highly textural, and has a strong relief quality. Click here to see close up details of these pieces.

Equinox 50" x 124"

Equinox 50″ x 124″


Equinox detail

Equinox detail


Ephemeral Flow 36" x 42"

Ephemeral Flow 36″ x 42″


Ephemeral Flow detail

Ephemeral Flow detail


Voices Unearthed 60" x 124"

Voices Unearthed 60″ x 124″


Voices Unearthed detail 2

Voices Unearthed detail


Reef 36" x 74"

Reef 36″ x 74″


Reef detail

Reef detail


Visceral River 50" x 82"

Visceral River 50″ x 82″


Visceral River detail 1

Visceral River detail


Blue Vein 50" x 82"

Blue Vein 50″ x 82″


Blue Vein detail 2

Blue Vein detail 2


Crystalline 60" x 124"

Crystalline 60″ x 124″ -sold


Crystalline detail 1

Crystalline detail


Spellbound 24" x 40"

Spellbound 24″ x 40″


Spellbound detail

Spellbound detail


Epic Striation 24" x 38"

Epic Striation 24″ x 38″ -sold


Fragments of a Timeline 24" x 34"

Fragments of a Timeline 24″ x 34″


Synchronicity 24" x 24"

Synchronicity 24″ x 24″ -sold

Statement about this work:

The vast expanse of time in which the earth has been forming is difficult to comprehend; countless layers of rock, sediment, and organic matter forming and reforming over untold millennia. Whether by cataclysm, the force of waters, or from slow movements deep beneath, layers are upended to form mountains and canyons. In time, the deepest known strata become the surface, revealing the story of their making.

Within the small space of time that we inhabit, we see ourselves taking part in the ongoing story of these diverse striations. We experience upheaval as we live the evolving layers of our lives. Like the earth, we are deeply affected by what is hidden and impossible to predict. Over time, our topography is revealed by both erosion and uplift, becoming ever more a multi-faceted, vertical landscape of the psyche.

In contemplating the earth and psyche unveiled by time, I find parallels in my way of working. Like ancient rocks brought to the surface, I strive to discover a cosmos reaching out to rebirth the deepest part of the story. The creative process is for me a way of taking part in this ever-changing, slow-motion drama; my imagery a path toward deeper understanding of the self and its earth.

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