Close Ups

These images are closeup shots of my larger work to show the highly textural quality of the surfaces.

Oil paint and mediums, Dorlan’s cold wax medium, resin, sand, earth, and chalk on wood panel.

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Equinox textural shot

Equinox -textural relief detail


Equinox detail

Equinox -detail


Equinox relief detail

Equinox -textural relief detail


Blue Vein detail

Blue Vein -detail


Blue Vein relief detail

Blue Vein -textural relief detail


Ephemeral Flow detail

Ephemeral Flow -detail


Ephemeral Flow relief detail 1

Ephemeral Flow -textural relief detail 1


Ephemeral Flow relief detail 2

Ephemeral Flow -textural relief detail 2


Ravine detail

Ravine -detail


Ravine relief detail

Ravine -textural relief detail


Voices Unearthed detail 2

Voices Unearthed -detail


Voices Unearthed relief detail

Voices Unearthed -textural relief detail


Spellbound detail

Spellbound -detail


Spellbound relief detail

Spellbound -textural relief detail


Reef detail

Reef -detail


Reef relief detail

Reef -textural relief detail


Visceral River detail 1

Visceral River -detail 1


Visceral River detail 2

Visceral River -detail 2


Visceral River relief detail

Visceral River – textural relief detail


Crystalline detail 1

Crystalline -detail 1


Crystalline detail 2

Crystalline -detail 2


Blue Vein detail 2

Blue Vein -detail 2


Echelon detail

Echelon -detail


Earth and Sky detail

Earth and Sky -detail


Refuge detail

Refuge -detail


Verdant Language detail

Verdant Language -detail


Wanderer detail

Wanderer -detail


Passage detail

Passage -detail


Singularity detail

Singularity -detail


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